Who Is Carroll Worldwide?

Dennis Twigg

Dennis is a lifelong citizen of Carroll County, Maryland. Dennis' astute observations and keen eye render his point of view hilarious and sometimes biting. But, don't worry, he's also an Attorney at Law, so if you sue him, he'll counter-sue you, win, and buy us all new hot tubs.

Sherri Hosfeld Joseph

Sherri Hosfeld Joseph is a Westminster native (go Owls!) with three amazing and talented children. She opened Birdie’s Cafe in 2010 to scare the neighbors and make espresso readily available to your kids. She is not the kind of girl you take home to meet your mother.

Randy Goldstein

Randy is a local business owner who has lived in Carroll County his whole life. Randy has done standup comedy all around the Mid Atlantic area. For finding comedy, nothing is off limits, including himself. Randy went to Carroll County public schools, and for the first 18 years of his life, Randy thought "Algebra" was a country.